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Why Do Asians Have Slanted Eyes? There are many different factors contributing to the slanted Asian eyes. The first of these factors is the epicanthic fold, which is a skin fold in the upper eyelid that covers the inner eye corner. The eyelid is what defines the Asian eyes. It can be a single eyelid, double eyelid, and a low/incomplete eyelid crease. It’s still unclear why Asians evolved this way.

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Why do asian people have slanted eyes? | Yahoo Answers Why is that the truth, why don't white or black people have slanted eyes?

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Why do Asian people have slanted eyes? • r/answers - reddit I'd really like to know if there is an advantage to or disadvantage to it, also why it developed, yet everywhere else it didn't. PS. This is no...

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Why do Asians have slanted eyes? | Yahoo Answers bedouins have LARGE eyes that are NOT slanted half shut. they live in deserts and are desert people. this theory about sand and desert makes zero sense why chinese and asians have slanted eyes.

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Why Do Chinese People Have Slanted Eyes? - Asymptote of Asian and Pacific Islanders of Los Angeles County, as follows: 1. The Plaintiff herein, Lucie J. Kim, is an Asian-American resident of Los Angeles County. The Plaintiff brings this claim as a class-action suit on behalf of the Asian and Pacific Islanders of Los Angeles County. 2.

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Why do Asian people have slanted eyes - science.answers.com Epicanthal fold of the eye is what many call 'slanted eyes'. The eyes are not really slanted but a fold, remaining from early fetal development, is left when child is born. It is seen in a number of people, including those of Nordic origins, Asians, many native American and some from Africa. The bridge of the nose is lower.

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Why do asians have slanted eyes - health.answers.com That's an offensive and inaccurate term. The reason some Asians(not all) and some non-Asians have eyes that appear to be lessround is because of a.

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